Center For Justice & Democracy Releases Top 22 Celebrities Harmed By Medical Malpractice

Thursday, September 20, 2018

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September 20, 2018

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The Center for Justice & Democracy at New York Law School (CJ&D) released a new report today, Top 22 Celebrities Harmed By Medical Malpractice.  The study shows how the lives and careers of many beloved actors, singers, musicians, broadcasters, sports figures and artists have been cut short as a result of medical negligence.  Each of the 22 stories is documented by a lawsuit and/or a medical board sanction.  There is additional discussion of celebrities and physician-caused opioid addiction, celebrities and women’s health problems, plus other famous figures who have rectified medical error-caused problems, like tennis star Serena Williams.

Said the report’s author Emily Gottlieb, CJ&D’s Deputy Director for Law & Policy, “Celebrity is no safeguard when it comes to medical malpractice.  As this report illustrates, patients with fame and fortune are just as likely to be horrifically injured or killed by dangerous health providers as the general public.  

“And our new list is by no means exhaustive,” continued Gottlieb. “In fact, these incidents happen so frequently that as we were going to print, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker filed a lawsuit against a California medical center for giving him a staph infection that left him unable work.  Sadly, this is a list that will need continuous updating.  But for now, it is an excellent representation of how big a problem this is, when even some of the most wealthy and famous people cannot protect themselves.  No wonder medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America.”

According to Joanne Doroshow, CJ&D’s Executive Director, “We think this is an important study for two reasons.  First, it shows that the problem of medical negligence is so entrenched and universal that even wealthy celebrities who can afford most comforts in life are not immune from experiencing it.  Second, given our celebrity-focused culture, this report might be the best way to catch and hold the public’s attention regarding the serious issue of medical negligence.”

To download the full report, click here.

The full alphabetical list is below:

1.         Julie Andrews 

2.         Marty Balin

3.         Dana Carvey

4.         Glenn Frey

5.         Maurice Gibb

6.         Pete Hamilton 

7.         Hulk Hogan

8.         Michael Jackson

9.         Ed McMahon

10.       Marilyn Monroe

11.       Bill Paxton

12.       Elvis Presley

13.       Prince

14.       Freddie Prinze

15.       Dennis Quaid (children)

16.       John Ritter

17.       Geraldo Rivera

18.       Joan Rivers

19.       Matt Roberts

20.       Dick Schaap

21.       Anna Nicole Smith

22.       Andy Warhol



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