Weird warnings in US awarded

Associated Press
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ballpoint pen-chewers, take note: The cap in your mouth can obstruct breathing if swallowed.

"The lawsuit problem is a uniquely American problem," said Bob Dorigo Jones, who started the contest that's sponsored by the Atlanta-based nonprofit group The Center for America. Its stated mission is to "reduce barriers to free enterprise."

The executive director of a consumer group that aims to defend the civil justice system sees it differently.

"Litigation in this country is dropping like a rock in every state," said Joanne Doroshow of the Center for Justice & Democracy.

"To be of more benefit to the country we should take a look at people who have been injured by dangerous products who are no longer able to get into court because of tort restrictions that have passed. ... That's a far bigger problem," she said.

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