Victims' families, lawmakers plead with GM, push for accountability

Detroit Free Press
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Families who lost loved ones in crashes involving now-recalled General Motors vehicles held a news conference with members of Congress this morning asking for legislation holding automakers to tougher standards. 

Among the people speaking at a news conference outside the U. S. Capitol, Laura Gipe Christian -- whose 16-year-old daughter Amber Rose died in a 2005 Cobalt crash -- again pressed for GM to get the cars off the road until defective ignition switches are repaired. 

"Corporate executives made a decision that fighting the problem was cheaper and easier than fixing the problem," said Gipe Christian, who is among those who say GM had plenty of warning over the years to recall the vehicles and fix the switches.


A number of consumer groups and representatives, including Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America, Center for Justice & Democracy, Public Citizen and Ralph Nader, sent a letter to GM today asking the company to establish a fund for victims of GM product defects, whose legal rights were extinguished by GM’s 2009 bankruptcy. 


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