Transcript of Ray Dunaway with Diane Smith

Connecticut’s WTIC-AM Radio
Friday, June 7, 2002

Ms. DOROSHOW: Well I tell you, if you had any idea how much sexual abuse is going on in schools--I can read you off a list of cases which we do have on our website, of case after case. I mean, this business with what's going on with the Catholic Church is nothing compared to what goes on sometime in schools in this country. But, you know, getting back to the more central question here is to whether or not we're too litigious in this country and whether we sue at a drop of a hat. This is complete myth.

If you look at any statistics that analyze the behavior of citizens in this country, you'll find completely different information. For example, the Rand Corporation, which is a conservative think tank, has looked into this and basically one in six Americans every year have some kind of injury that results in some kind of economic loss. But most people don't even consider the notion of filing a claim for compensation, let alone a lawsuit. Only one in ten people who file a claim with their insurance company -only two percent, file a lawsuit. It's really, really miniscule and a lot of the problem here is the last 20 years there have been an endless number of corporate-backed front groups that have been created to generate a lot of fear and alarm and contempt for the rights …

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