St. Clair courts join list of worst

Belleville News-Democrat
Thursday, December 16, 2004

More class-action lawsuits and the court's impact on local health care put St. Clair County in the running, but weren't enough to end Madison County's reign as the nation's top "judicial hellhole," the American Tort Reform Association said Wednesday.

Critics argue the list is nothing more than an intimidation effort initiated by big business. The list serves no purpose other than to poison potential jury pools into thinking all civil lawsuits are frivolous lawsuits, St. Clair County Bar Association President Greg Shevlin said.
"It's kind of crazy that these folks who have never stepped foot here say our judicial system is out of control," said Shevlin, a Belleville attorney. "They don't really know. All of our judges are thoughtful. If a case needs to get to trial, our judges will get it to trial."

"It's just a wholesale attack on judges," said Joanne Doroshow, president of the New York-based Center for Justice and Democracy. "Everyone expects judges to be fair, but they shouldn't have to look over their shoulder to see how decisions will be played out with big business."
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