Southern Illinois Medical Malpractice Survivors Demand Meeting with Justice McGlynn

Monday, June 12, 2006

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June 12, 2006
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Southern Illinois Medical Malpractice Survivors Demand Meeting with Justice McGlynn
Chicago, IL - Survivors of medical malpractice from Southern Illinois sent a letter today (Monday, June 12) to 5th Appellate Court Judge Stephen McGlynn requesting a meeting. McGlynn recently completed a tour of the 37 Southernmost counties in Illinois where he met with physicians, business leaders, and representatives of hospitals to discuss the court system in Southern Illinois.
The malpractice survivors expressed concern regarding Glynn’s inappropriate decision to meet only with those who advocate proposals that would make it more difficult for injured patients to seek justice in the courts and obtain just compensation.
McGlynn told reporters during a visit to Olney, Illinois that Southern Illinois Courts may be “too friendly to frivolous lawsuits”.
“My case is not frivolous”, said Tammy Schilt of West Salem, who developed a severe infection after a sponge was left in her during the delivery of her son.  “Justice McGlynn needs to hear our stories to get a full understanding of the medical malpractice problem in Illinois”.
The text of the letter follows:
June 12, 2006
Honorable Justice Stephen McGlynn
106 S Charles St.
Belleville, IL 62220
            (618) 236-8692      
Dear Justice McGlynn:
As residents of Southern Illinois who have been injured or lost loved ones as a result of medical errors, we would like to respectfully request a meeting with you to aid you in your efforts to maintain the fairness of the courts in Southern Illinois.
It has been reported that you recently completed a tour of Southern Illinois where you met with doctors and representatives of hospitals throughout the area to discuss their concerns regarding the court system.  During this tour, news articles reported that you said Southern Illinois courts may be “too friendly to frivolous lawsuits.”
Our cases are not frivolous.

We are tremendously concerned that you are hearing only from those who advocate misguided proposals to solve doctors’ insurance problems on the backs of injured patients.  While our cases have already been decided, we still have concerns for the victims and families who come next.

We respectfully request a meeting with you so that we can tell you about our stories and our experiences using the civil justice system.
We would appreciate your contacting Mark Fraley at the Center for Justice & Democracy – Illinois, to set up this meeting. You can reach him at             (312) 644-8442      .
We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Phil Atherton, Ullin, IL.
Tammy Schilt, West Salem, IL.
Sheila Austin, St. Elmo, IL.
Dana Askew, St. Jacob, IL.
Don Fansher, Freeburg, IL.
Georgiann Ursch, Godrey, IL.
Larry Mohr, Bunker Hill, IL.

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