A season for lists produces two on the legal system

National Law Journal
Monday, December 20, 2004

The Center for Justice & Democracy, in New York, describes itself as a nonprofit consumer rights organization that "fights to preserve the right to trial by jury and to keep an independent judiciary." Its report is 15 pages long with 20 footnotes and humorous illustrations. 

"Every year," the introduction says, "our nation's special interests line up before Congress and state legislatures, with emptied pockets and outstretched hands, and ask for the opportunity to show their patriotic civic duty. How do they do that? Why, by getting immunity from liability, of course."
The Center for Justice & Democracy list is a first, said President Joanne Doroshow, who is a lawyer. "We're just trying to raise awareness," she said. These laws "tend to pass very much under the radar." Just as ATRA acknowledges its list has raised its public profile, Doroshow believes the center's list will elevate its own. 

What do they think of each other's lists? In a press release, Doroshow called ATRA's report "nothing more than an intimidation tactic against judges who are not beholden to corporate interests." Thanks to her criticism last year, Doroshow added, the report focused less on juries and more on judges. 
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