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Tuesday, November 29, 2022







·       Big Trucks: An Avoidable Public Safety Crisis

·       System Letdown: Worker Safety, Harm and Compensation in the Age of Covid-19

·       Briefing Book: Medical Malpractice By the Numbers

·       Pills: Big Pharma, the FDA, and Problem Medicine

·       Insurance IsleBrochure

·       Insurance: The Essential Guide to a Bewildering Industry

·       Lifesavers: CJ&D’s Guide to Lawsuits that Protect Us All




·       Large Trucks Are Extremely Dangerous

·       Drivers of Large Trucks: Bad Working Conditions and Huge Turnover

·       Trucking Companies Are Being Price-Gouged By Insurance Companies

·       How Juries Respond to Trucking Industry Recklessness

·       Reinsurance: A Secretive Foreign Industry That Can Cause Great Harm In The United States

·       Hurricanes and Insurance: Learning from the Past

·       System Letdown: Worker Harm

·       System Letdown: Worker Compensation

·       Doctors Come Clean About Lawsuits

·       Civil Justice Highlights From There Are No Accidents

·       How Low Can They Go? State Civil and Tort Caseloads And Jury Trials

·       Worth, Ken Feinberg and Trial Lawyers: The Real Story

·       The Sad Truth About Hospitals, Patient Safety And Racism

·       The Disparate Impact of Tort Reform on the Elderly, the Unemployed, and Women

·       What is the Impact of Tort Reform on Physician Behavior? None

·       To Rein in Costs, Get Insurance Defense Lawyers Under Control!

·       The Myth of Nuclear Verdicts

·       How the Property Casualty Insurance Industry Profited from the COVID 19 Pandemic

·       Autonomous Vehicles and the Importance of Banning Forced Arbitration Clauses





·       Asbestos Imports are on the Rise in the U.S.

·       Asbestos Exposure Will Be a Problem for Many Years

·       Industry Cover-Up of Asbestos Hazards Has Continued for More Than a Century

·       The Insurance Industry Helped Coverup Asbestos Hazards and Disease

·       Asbestos is Still Not Banned in the United States



·       New Trick By Wealthy Corporate Fat Cats to Cheat Victims: Dummy Bankruptcy


Forced Arbitration

·       Congress Finally Cracked the Forced Arbitration Wall

·       Forced Arbitration Creates Terrifying New Travel Dangers

·       A Growing Number Of Rich Companies Are Forcing Consumers To Arbitrate Disputes

·       When Harmed Employees Are Forced To Arbitrate Disputes, Cases Disappear


Insurance Industry

·       Government Oversight Over Insurance Industry Practices Barely Exists

·       Property Casualty Insurance Companies Can Legally Price Fix

·       Auto Insurance Companies Made a Windfall From the Pandemic

·       Unnecessary Hourly Billing by Insurance Lawyers is Causing Insurance Costs to Rise

·       The U.S. Property Casualty Insurance Industry Profited From Pandemic

·       Insurance Companies Pay Far Less Than What Juries Award


Litigation, Judges and Juries

·       Litigation Finance Firms Screen Out Meritless Cases

·       Judges Are Breaking the Law and Harming Injured Victims

·       When Laws Take Compensation Decisions Away From Judges and Juries Tragedy Results

·       Disappearing Juries Threatens Democracy

·       Civil Lawsuits Save Lives and Can Help Mitigate our National Crises


Medical Malpractice

·       Sleep Deprivation Leads to Medical Errors

·       Preventable Death Rates for U.S. Women Among Highest in World

·       Doctors Believe that Lawsuit Outcomes are Fair

·       The Myth of COVID Health Care Lawsuits

·       The ABCs of Tort Reform Fails

·       Black Patients Are More Likely Than White Patients to Receive Unsafe Care

·       Medical Errors and Covid-19


Sexual Assault

·       Access to our Civil Courts is Critically Important for Sexual Assault Survivors


Tort Reforms

·       Caps on Damages are Dangerous

·       Civil Justice is Bi Partisan

·       Tort Reform Has A Disparate Impact On The Elderly, The Unemployed And Women



·       Record-Breaking Number of People Killed by Big Trucks in the U.S.

·       Elon Musk's Crash Course

·       As Vehicles Become More Powerful, Pedestrian Deaths Increase

·       More Than a Dozen Auto Safety Rules are Years Overdue

·       When it Comes to Auto Safety, Litigation Plays a Critical Role



·       Seasonal Low Wage Workers are Routinely Cheated

·       Worker Covid Deaths are Not Being Tracked

·       OSHA Failed to Protect Workers During the Pandemic

·       Workers' Compensation During Covid

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