Negligent hospital care addressed

New York’s Capital News 9
Thursday, June 12, 2003

NYPIRG and a concerned mother urged lawmakers to address substandard health care and medical malpractice.

Today Dr. Gale Organist joined New York's Public Research Institute and the Center for Justice and Democracy in Albany.

Organist said her 16-year-old son was severely disabled 13 years ago when doctors and hospital staff repeatedly failed to monitor and care for him after brain surgery.

The Desiderio decision, named for Organist's son, was reached in April. The family finally received a large settlement to pay for necessary care and other medical expenses. Still, Dr. Organist wants people to be aware.
She said, "The important message for me to deliver to you really is what it has been like for us, since it happened in 1990, when this event occurred in a NY hospital. An event the hospital takes full liability for."

Dr. Organist's son requires 24 hour care. She's now suing on his behalf to cover his past and future medical care. The suit is also being used in hospitals and insurance companies to limit compensation in medical malpractice cases.
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