Medical Malpractice Story: Justin Mattes

25-year-old Justin Mattes suffers from cerebral palsy after his mother's obstetrician failed to get basic information about the baby's position and allowed a vaginal delivery to go forward with the baby in a breech position (i.e. feet first) without taking steps to protect the baby's health. This caused Justin's umbilical cord to be compressed, preventing him from getting oxygen. He was born blue and had to be resuscitated; he also had seizures the following day. As a result, Justin has had difficulty walking, talking, eating and getting dressed. His parents did not file a lawsuit at the time Justin was born. He filed a lawsuit once becoming an adult, at age 19, and settled the case before trial for the doctor’s policy limit of $500,000. (This policy limit was based on the 1978 economy, worth approximately $100,000 in today’s dollars.)

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