Letter to the Editor: No immunity for drugmakers

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Regarding "Lawmakers Weigh Preventing Drugmaker Suits" [Newsday.com, Nov. 15]: The sweeping immunity Congress is considering for drug companies that produce unsafe vaccines should be alarming to all Americans. This industry's safety record has been extremely shoddy with normal rules in place. The last thing Congress should be doing is passing legislation that entirely removes the financial incentive to produce drugs and vaccines that are safe.
No industry in this country has ever received this kind of sweeping immunity for conduct that could be grossly negligent and could possibly hurt or kill millions of people. It is particularly troubling that this legislation was secretly thrown together behind closed doors and introduced at the very last minute without being debated.
This legislation is dangerous to the public's safety, and the way in which it is being pursued is unfair and undemocratic.
Basel Hamdan
Editor's note: The writer is field organizer for the Center for Justice & Democracy.


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