Letter to the Editor: In defense of courts

Belleville News-Democrat Letter to the Editor
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Belleville News- Democrat editorial on the Illinois court system ("Eyes wide open in the courtroom," June 13) was way off the mark.

The editorial recklessly states that our courts are out of control. The reality is that only 3 percent of people who are injured go to court, according to the conservative Rand Corp. Given the pervasiveness of medical errors, nursing home negligence, drunken driving and other forms of misconduct, litigation is hardly out of control in Illinois.

When individuals do need access to the courts, it is important that juries make decisions about compensation, not politicians in Springfield. Unfortunately, recent laws passed by area legislators not only keep legitimate cases out of court, but they prevent juries from doing their job.

Moreover, the chief beneficiaries of such measures are wrongdoers who are getting away without being made to pay for the harm and damage they cause. This not only hurts our most vulnerable citizens -- the sick and injured -- but it is unfair to the well-behaved companies of Illinois.

Mark Fraley

Center for Justice and Democracy Chicago

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