Letter to the Editor: Caps aren't the answer

Belleville News-Democrat
Sunday, December 3, 2006

Democrat continues to miss the point about Illinois' medical malpractice reforms. In a recent editorial, "The politics of malpractice," the News-Democrat points out that Medical Protective Insurance company announced recently that it was writing more premiums and reducing doctors' insurance rates.
Yet caps on compensation that were enacted last year have nothing to do with it, according to the company. The company says the reason is better insurance industry regulation, which was also enacted last year. This law requires insurers to disclose information as to how they set their rates, which has allowed Med Pro to become more competitive and to take these steps.
The Division of Insurance and the Med Pro are telling us exactly why rates are dropping: insurance regulation, not the cap on compensation. In fact, the only "reform" that trial lawyers and consumer groups supported is, in fact, the only reform that is working -- insurance reform.It is now clear that caps are doing nothing but devastating those who have been catastrophically injured as a result of medical errors.
Mark Fraley
Center for Justice and Democracy-IL Chicago

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