Hurricanes and Insurance: Learning from the Past

Friday, September 30, 2022

Center for Justice & Democracy and its project, Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR), published several studies and articles following past devastating hurricanes and storms that have continuing relevance. The following is a brief compilation:

Fact Sheet: The Legal Case For Payment Of Katrina Victims' Insurance Claims (2005). Despite press releases and public pronouncements by the insurance industry that those without flood insurance should get nothing if their home was eventually flooded, the situation is far from clear cut.

C-Span Video: Katrina's Liability Implications (2005). CJ&D Executive Director Joanne Doroshow participated in the American Enterprise Institute’s panel discussion of insurance companies' flood exclusion clauses and other Hurricane Katrina related issues

Study: The Insurance Industry’s Troubling Response To Hurricane Katrina (2005) We took the extraordinary step of establishing a toll-free Katrina Insurance Hotline to take complaints from policyholders who felt they were being unfairly treated or denied a claim by their insurance company. This reports summarizes that project, and includes recommended insurance reforms.

Study: At the Tipping Point, The Homeowner Insurance Mess in Florida and How To Fix It (2006) This argues for the removal of the private sector from the hurricane insurance business in Florida, and establishing a privately run state plan for the hurricane wind portion of homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Accompanying OpEd: How to Repair Florida’s Broken Insurance System (2006)

CJ&D Newsletter: Katrina and Insurance (Spring 2006)

Blogs on Superstorm Sandy. 60 Minutes Atones with Flood and Lumber (2015); Get Ready for the Next Great Insurance Escape (2021)

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