Group protests malpractice award caps

Southern Illinoisan
Saturday, May 14, 2005

Protesters put a 15-foot wheelchair in front of Rep. John Bradley's Marion office Friday.
The wheelchair, symbolizing disabilities caused by medical negligence, sent the message that caps on awards to malpractice victims are bad for the citizens of Illinois. It was placed in front of Bradley's office by members of the Center for Justice and Democracy as part of the group's "Patient Safety Tour."
The tour comes at a crucial time as both the Illinois House and Senate are poised to vote on legislation to place caps on compensation to victims of medical malpractice, according to a release by the center, which bills itself as a "non-profit, non-partisan consumer protection organization that works to educate citizens about the importance of the civil justice system."
"Patients and consumer groups are asking local lawmakers to stand up for the rights of all Illinois residents to obtain justice through our courts system when they are harmed by a negligent doctor, hospital or nursing home," said Mark Fraley, field organizer for the center. Fraley urged Bradley to "stand up to the insurance industry and stand up for patient safety."
Bradley is co-sponsor of legislation currently making the rounds in the House that would put caps on non-economic damages only.
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