Doctors are eager to hear what Bush will say about crisis

Southern Illinoisan
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The president's visit doesn't strike the right chord for everyone, though. The Center for Justice and Democracy-Illinois, a judicial watchdog group that doesn't favor tort reform, plans to request a meeting with Bush for survivors of legitimate medical malpractice cases to speak. The group fears Bush may press a plan that takes away a patients' rights in the courtroom. Group members plan to speak today in the Collinsville Holiday Inn, located next to the Gateway Center.
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association President Kevin Conway, of Chicago, said it doesn't appear the president has any plans to listen to either citizens or attorneys during his visit.
"I think what they are trying to do is stage a media event for legislation harmful to the public's rights," Conway said.
He said no member of the association has been invited to attend Wednesday's function. In fact, Conway added, he doesn't believe any trial lawyer has been invited to the visit.
"I'm fairly certain there is not going to be a fair discussion as to the problems of medical malpractice," he said.
Conway said it's obvious there is some crisis affecting doctors' insurance premiums. However, he said, statistics show medical negligence cases filed in recent years have decreased, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation shows there are 9,000 more doctors in Illinois than 10 years ago, and the Illinois Department of Insurance shows payouts on insurance claims have been relatively flat for the Illinois State Medical Insurance Exchange, which represents 56 percent of doctors in the state.
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