Doctor moving to Oregon; Physician says he is doing best thing for him, his family

Charleston Daily Mail
Saturday, July 27, 2002

Dr. George Zakaib grew up in Charleston and graduated from the West Virginia University School of Medicine.

After living in Hawaii, he returned to his family roots about five years ago and hooked up with fellow orthopedic surgeon David Santrock at an office at St. Francis Hospital.

But because of high increases in the cost of his medical malpractice insurance, Zakaib, 61, has decided to leave home and relocate to Oregon, he said. Instead of the $ 80,000 or so he would have to pay for the coming year, he'll have no premium at all. Silverton Hospital has hired Zakaib to be on staff and will foot the insurance bill. Hospital officials also said they'll help Zakaib pay off some of the $ 94,000 coverage owed to St. Paul Cos. to cover any possible lawsuits that arise later.


But this week, President Bush proposed major reforms to Congress to address medical malpractice insurance problems affecting the entire country. Some states, such as West Virginia, are feeling them more acutely, the report said.

The bill, based on a 25-year-old California law, would supersede any related state laws.


"Bush's bill would severely limit the right to sue," said Joanne Doroshow in a conference call with reporters. She is executive director of the Center for Justice & Democracy, a consumer group that supports lawyers and the current civil justice system.

Doroshow said Bush's numbers are incorrect and that his approach is "cruel and misdirected."

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