Chrysler to accept more product liability claims

Associated Press
Friday, August 28, 2009

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan (AP) -- Chrysler Group LLC said Thursday it will accept product liability claims in a broader number of cases than originally planned in its reorganization under bankruptcy protection.
The automaker said it will now consider product-related lawsuits from consumers involved in accidents that occurred after Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy protection in June that involve vehicles manufactured by the old company.
A company spokesman said the changes do not include product liability claims filed before the company's April 30 filing.
John Bozzella, Chrysler Group LLC's senior vice president for external affairs and public policy, said the company was confident "that the future viability of the company will not be threatened if we accept these claims." He said the new company's approach was "consistent with that taken by General Motors as part of its bankruptcy process."
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