AAJ Partnership Award

On July 24, 2016, Joanne Doroshow, on behalf of the Center for Justice & Democracy, received the AAJ Partnership Award from the American Association for Justice, presented by AAJ CEO Linda Lipsen.

In our speech, we expressed gratitude to our generous supporters and promised to create a website list of our special friends.

While it would be impossible to list everyone, we wanted at least to acknowledge a small group of champions whose dedication to CJ&D has been truly remarkable. Some have been consistently generous over the years. Some have supported us from the beginning. And others have shown up just when we’ve needed them most. We are so grateful.

If you would like your name to be added to this every-growing esteemed list, please just let us know. We cannot thank you enough!

Eric Abramson
Daniel Aherin
Sharon Arkin
Greg Bagen
Fred Baron and Lisa Blue
Jack Bailey
Tim Bailey
Bob Baizer
Michael Barasch
Joe Belluck
Jere Beasley
Richard Bieder
Michael Bogdanow
Leo Boyle
Jim Brady
Buddy Brown
Bruce Brusavich
Michael Burke
Jay Causey
Alan Clark
Bob Clifford
Roxanne Conlin
Flip Corboy
Fred Crow
Greg Cusimano
Jonathan Damashek
Maria Diamond
Eric Doroshow
Jim Duffy
Mike Duffy
Stewart Eisenberg
Kent Emison
Don Ernst
Linda Eyerman
Linda Fermoyle Rice
Michael Ferrara Jr.
Marty Fritz
Matt Gaier
Tony Gair
Ricardo Garcia
Bill Gaylord
Sid Gilreath
Jack Girardi
Tom Girardi
Richard Golomb
Richard Gurfein
J. Gary Gwilliam
Bob Habush
Keith Hebeisen
Steve Herman
Jack Hickey
Wayne Hogan
Ruben Honik
Jim Humphreys
Chris Hurley
Don Jacobs
Bob Jennings
Lynn Johnson
Pat Jones
William Goode
Allan Kanner
Mark Kitrick
Michael Koskoff
Peter Kraus
Lory Lallande
Marianne LeBlanc
Gary Leppla
Arnold Levin
Fred Levin
Steven Levin
Michael Lewis
Wayne Lieb
Judy Livingston
James Lowe
Michael Maher
Chris Maley
Tommy and Adam Malone
Pat Malone
Pat Maloney
Stanley Marks
Paul McAndrew
Chris Messerly
Tom Methvin
Phil Michels
Tom Moore
Gretchen Nelson
Jack Olender
Todd O’Malley
Nick Papain
Wayne Parsons
Gary Paul
Steven Pegalis
Kathleen Flynn Peterson
Bruce Pfaff
Joe Power
Ellen Relkin
David Ring
Randall Robbins
Steve Rossman
Chris Searcy
Rick Silver
Greg Shevlin
Don Slavik
Todd Smith
Amy Solomon
Chris Spagnoli
Marc Stanely
Paul Stritmatter
Anthony Tarricone
Larry Tawwater
Michael Thornton
Stephen Tillery
Chip Wagar
Bill Wagner
Billy Walker
Corey Walker
Perry Weitz
Paul Whelan
Wayne Willoughby
George Wise
Stuart Zanville

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