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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Listening to the billion dollar property/casualty insurance industry complain over the last year, you might think they're the real victims of COVID-19. Those (non-existent) claims! Those (way too high) premiums! Poor thing. So we decided to offer Insurance Industry Fat Cats a “safe” place to go so they can enjoy their outlandish profits in peace while commiserating with other Fat Cats.

But don’t worry, our extensive sourcing puts the lie to everything they say. And our funny illustrations help make the point.

So spend some time with us on Insurance Isle, where you can "Relax at Profit Beach." "Hoard Your Money at Pirate's Cove." "Shop on Spin Boulevard." "Chill While Our PR Experts Do the Work (Social Inflation Anyone?)." "Spend Hours at Whiner's Warf." Learn how auto insurance companies worked the pandemic for maximum greed, er, bliss. It’s sure to put a smile on your face – unless, of course, you’re an insurance company.

Download the brochure - and learn all about Insurance Isle here.

And a handy online version can be found here. Or just go to FatCatInsuranceIsle.com.

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