Kicked Out of Court in 2023; 50 Cases Showing the Real-World Impact of Forced Arbitration

Monday, December 4, 2023

Mistreatment by tech giants like TikTok. Automobiles and appliances sold with dangerous defects. Nude photos posted online by medical offices. Farms and crops ruined due to corporate indifference. Thefts of lifetime savings due to online security failures. Rampant workplace racism and sexism. Apps that secretly store face biometrics and track keystrokes and mouse clicks. Eyesight damaged due to medical negligence. Wages stolen from traveling nurses. A child hurt by adventure park equipment. Each of these scenarios recently happened. In each case, individuals who were harmed made the decision to go to court seeking to hold a culpable company responsible. But each time, their suits were kicked out of court due to a forced arbitration clause. This study takes a deeper look at 50 cases in 2023 where individuals tried to fight for the right to sue in open court but were forced into secret arbitration.

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Short Descriptions of Cases Covered in this Study: Adventure park injuries; Auto finance rip-off; Bloomberg privacy violations; Broker hidden agreement; Cellphone made obsolete; Cellphone storage deception; Credit card abuse; Credit score ruined; Cryptocurrency theft (class); Cryptocurrency theft (individual); Dangerous range defect; Debt collection abuse; Debt collection harassment; Disney privacy violations; Fingerprint collection abuses; Fintech overdraft harm; Funeral home neglect; GM transmission defect; Grindr wrongful termination; Medical leave miscalculated; Medical malpractice – Lasik; Nude photographs posted; Nursing home death; Nursing home injuries; Photo privacy violations; Pipeline damaged crops; Polluter poisoned farm; Race discrimination/abuse; Racial prejudice/discrimination; Retirement funds mishandled; Sex discrimination/abuse; Sexual abuse/harassment; Sexual assault/harassment; Sexual identity harassment; Sexual privacy abuse; Southwest wage theft; Southwest workers’ comp; Tesla privacy abuses; Tesla technology fail; Ticketing prices excessive; TikTok employment abuse; Twitter mass layoffs; Uber car accident; Uber privacy breach; Uber wage theft; Wage theft/fraud; Wage theft/overtime; Website fees concealed; Website product injuries; Wrongful termination/retaliation.


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