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  • �Lucinda Finley, the Frank G. Raichle Professor of Law at the University at Buffalo, said the church might be operating �in a gray area.� The church may be at some risk, Finley said, lobbying for a bill with a specific number on it like Stupak�s instead of expressing a strong general viewpoint, but its efforts have to be weighed on a scale of relative magnitude."(Turner, Douglas, "Bishops apply pressure, Congress pushes back" Buffalo News, August 21, 2010)

Who We Are

The Civil Justice Resource Group is composed of leading academics with expertise in a wide variety of issues related to the U.S. civil justice system.

CJRG seeks to correct the disinformation campaign that has dominated discussion around civil justice issues and to insure that critical policy positions are based on sound, impartial research.

Several members of the group specialize in conducting empirical studies on the actual operation and effects of the civil justice system.

CJRG members are available to news organizations, opinion leaders and lawmakers looking for accurate information about the civil jury system, lawsuits, litigation and lawyers.